WEEE Policy (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Regulations

At Reebok, we are deeply committed to environmental sustainability as an online retailer. We prioritise responsible practices and aim to provide our customers with the means to recycle electronic goods in accordance with the WEEE regulations. These regulations stipulate that each Member State bears a legal responsibility to minimize the disposal of WEEE in landfills. The core objective of WEEE regulations is to address the ecological consequences associated with the end-of-life phase of electrical and electronic equipment.

Potential Consequences of Non-Compliance with WEEE Regulations

A startling fact: more than 75% of discarded electronic devices find their way into landfills. This is where lead and other hazardous substances within these electronic goods can trigger soil and water contamination, posing severe risks to both human health and the environment. Electronic and Electrical Equipment manufactured after the 13th of August 2005 should prominently display a crossed-out wheelie bin symbol on their packaging or product. This symbol serves as a reminder to homeowners to responsibly dispose of their WEEE separately from household waste.

How You Can Contribute: Reuse & Recycle

We all share a collective responsibility to contribute to the reuse, recycling, and other methods of WEEE recovery as mandated by these Regulations.

Reuse: If your old electronic device is still operational, consider donating it to someone who can put it to good use. Numerous organizations, including schools, clubs, and residential homes, are often delighted to receive functional equipment that can find a new home and purpose.

Recycle: When your electronic equipment reaches the end of its usefulness for you or anyone you know, make a conscious effort to recycle it whenever possible. If you find yourself unable to rehome your item, many local organizations specialise in reusing, recycling, or repairing electronic and electrical equipment for charitable initiatives.

Reebok WEEE Take Back Policy

In the unlikely scenario where you are unable to locate a new home for your electronic items, Reebok is pleased to assist you in responsibly disposing of them in accordance with WEEE regulations. We provide this disposal service to our clients on a like-for-like basis. For example, if you purchase a treadmill from us, we will ensure the proper and compliant disposal of your old treadmill.

Please be aware that there is typically a fee associated with the disposal of equipment using this service.